This new YA novel has received praise and accolades from
teachers, librarians, and readers alike. Even reluctant
readers are drawn in by the adventures of Eugene.

  “What makes this tale exceptional—after all, there are many good adventures out there—is the tongue-in-cheek parody of education that runs under the excellent adventure. While the evil Ming and her cohorts take over Eugene’s new school, we see an insidious but hysterically funny consolidation of certain strands in education.”
—Anne-Marie Ooman, author of American Map

“If you are looking for the next book to serve up after the Percy Jackson series, after Harry Potter, after Maximum Ride - this is it.” —Wendy Allen, author of Adventures of Pachelot

Brass Monkeys has the perfect combination of action and humor. Two big monkey thumbs up! — Ethan, 12, 6th grade

“Brass Monkeys has lots of suspense and thrills. The reader wants to keep reading to find out what will happen next.” —Elysia, 13, 7th grade

“While the action is gripping, the humor non-stop, and the plot compelling, it was the underlying struggle between freedom and creativity and brainwashed, lock-step control that ultimately had me hooked."
—Erin Anderson, author of Look About You 
Brass Monkeys is timeless. It resonates with deeper truths we all confront sooner or later - that not everyone likes us, not everyone has our best interests at heart, true friends are irreplaceable and worth fighting for, and courage can be summoned, even if we don't exactly feel brave.”
— Becky Chown, editor

“Brass Monkeys is an action filled adventure with close calls, excitement and humor.” Tangier, 15, 8th grade
 “This one was so fun to read - entertaining & action-filled, that I plan on buying more copies for nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. It reminds me of the Harry Potter series. It gets high marks from me!” —Pam Jamieson, former teacher 

“What a fantastic read. As a mother, grandmother and great grandmother, I've turned a lot of kids on to books. This is one I'll be giving my pre-teens for Christmas, b-days or just for the heck of it.” —Bobbi Moore, Mom 

“This book is a masterpiece of adventure.  I wouldn’t mind reading it over and over again.” —Tavon, 13, 7th grade

“The images in the story of Brass Monkeys were so vivid, imaginable, and real in your mind that it made the story much more entertaining.” —Kari, 14, 8th grade

“This book reminded me a lot of…Roald Dahl. Caszatt's Ming could give the Trunchbull a run for her money.”
— Lisa Noonan Coombes, archivist 

“So happy to have found a book both my son and daughter actually enjoyed!” Sally Miller Outlaw, co-founder of Peerbackers
“Your book was terrific!  It kept me reading right up to the very end.” —Josh, 15, 10th grade

“I loved this book. I occasionally read children books because I have grandchildren to buy books for. I found this book to be so entertaining and, bonus, well written.”
—Vicki Riegler, social worker 

“I really liked your book Brass Monkeys. First of all your book is really hilarious… I really hope you make a sequel.” 
—Ricci, 12, 6th grade
“I loved the book and I'm all grown up! You will never look at a brass monkey the same way again!”
—Linda Cordell Brown, retired elementary school teacher  

“Brass Monkeys is a book that you will want to read again and again.” —Renee, 12, 6th grade

“There are many elemental truths in this story. Courage in the face of great adversity; a determination to finish a mission; the value of friendship; the strength in acting together; the willingness to try something new and different; the power of music and books. All of these are exemplified without moralizing or preaching.”
— Larry Carter, lawyer.

“Brass Monkeys is… like a dreamland. You’ll want to read more and more with every page.”
—Jameson, 13, 7th grade

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