Follow the action and danger as Eugene tries to save his classmates from graduation in the terrible School of the Brass Monkeys...

Shy, bumbling Eugene, 13, is unjustly booted out of his former school and forced to transfer to a remote Michigan school in the middle of the year. In a snowstorm yet. Ew, this is bad. But worse, he finds Grindsville Middle is a nest of bizarre teachers who are terrorizing the kids. They play dark music on the intercom, burn pukey incense, and make a shambles of the classes. And the leader is Eugene’s English teacher, Mrs. Merci Mingley – a.k.a. “Ming the Merciless.”

Quickly Eugene finds himself on her radar. Aak! This happens because he has let himself be convinced by three likable “rebel” students (Harriet, Weeser, and Alvin), that fate has sent him as a “samurai warrior” to help the kids against Mrs. Mingley. Sooo wrong. And it all goes swiftly bad in English class when he tries to save Harriet –

But hold it. We’re getting ahead of the story. Look, just read the opening chapter to get an idea what’s going on. But be warned. If you happen to get hooked on the story, the ride gets a little scary. Oh, didn’t we mention the ride? Hoo-yeah, there’s a ride all right… Duwang. Read More

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Terry Caszatt is the author
of the novel Brass Monkeys, which was published by Charlesbridge on
February 1, 2011.  He has
been a public school
teacher, but has also worked
at one of the premier private schools in the country - the Interlochen Center for the
Arts. There he taught
creative writing, film
and video.



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